Solar Storms

Our star, or the Sun as we call it, is the center of our existence, without it we would cease to exists. Recently the sun has been the center of much controversy and doomsday scenarios. Several news stories pointing out that solar flares and storms are expected to increase over the next few years in correlation with the supposed "End of the World" in 2012 (Mayan calendar ends) has caused the imaginations of some folks to go into overload. While I enjoy a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy, this one just doesn't excite me too much. Don't get me wrong I realize that there will come a day when the sun will dim and Planet Dirt (Earth) will no longer support life, just not this way. But it makes great SciFi, watch (below) the episode of Outer Limits - Inconstant Moon.

But seriously, these sun storms are no joke, not likely to destroy the planet, but could cause serious social unrest. There are several documented cases of power outages and loss of communications due to solar flares. Next big one will cause serious problems. Check out the links below.

by Tim Pruett


Solar Storm Warning from NASA - Click Here

News articles:

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Friday, January 09, 2009 | | By Robert Roy Britt 

The Great Storm: Solar Tempest of 1859 Revealed 
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