Ibanez RG Buyers Guide

The Ibanez RG Series debuted in 1987 and has been a top selling model ever since. If you are considering one, and you should, then read on.

You want a "Made in Japan" model!! Don't settle for less. With patience and persistence you can find a Japan (MIJ) model for about the same as the Korean models.

Your choices are:

RG550 - Pickguard and H-S-H pickup configuration
RG560 - H-S-S pickup configuration
RG570 - H-S-H pickup configuration

There are a couple of other options, some of the early RG450 and RG470 models were made in Japan, they are very high quality but usually have the less desirable Low TRS tremolo. If you don't use the bar then this model is perfect and usually for about $100 less.

You want the Edge, not the Low TRS. The 5 series have the edge the 3 and 4 series have the Low TRS. Even if you don't use the thing it is cool and it will improve the resell value.

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