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If you are looking for a job, you know what a painful task it can be. Writing a resume, looking through newspaper classifieds, and the worst part is the job interview.

But there is one way to make this process just a little easier; a recruiter or head hunter. For the most part these folks work on commission so they really do want to get you a job. But they usually focus primarily on the positions they have orders for. So you won't be their top priority if you just call one up. But do it anyway, especially if you are very good at your job. Call a recruiter first and only them, let them know you are using them exclusively. In this case you should not post your resume anywhere else and don't apply to any jobs. Tell the recruiter what companies you are interested in and what type positions you are looking for. And if you get a good recruiter, they will do much of the work for you and call you when they have interviews scheduled.

How to select a recruiter... Call a few in your area and tell them what you are looking for. If they seem willing to help, ask for references. Then just choose the one that seems the most capable of getting you a new job.



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