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The Portable Document Format (PDF), created by Adobe Systems has become the best way to exchange and print documents. It is also great for use on your website, it is the quick and easy way to get exactly the right layout. You can even use it for documents sent to commercial printers. The reason it's so popular is because they maintain the formatting, the layout, images, fonts, and and everything just like the original document.

Normally you might think that you need Adobe Acrobat to be able to create PDF files. At $299 retail price, Adobe Acrobat is a little pricey for the average user. It also packs more features than most of us will ever use. But if you need the full featured version get it here ->

Anyway, you dont need to spend that kind of money to create and manipulate PDFs. You can do it cheaply, and even for free.

Creating PDFs for Free
There is quite a bit of free and low-cost software for creating PDFs available. I recommend Cute PDF it is totally free with no ads. It works great, it's simple to use. I just adds itself to your printer list, you just select CutePDF and print the document from whatever program you use to create documents. And it will allow you to save it as a PDF.

The only problem is that the free version of CutePDF only allows you to create PDFs, if you need to edit them you will need the Pro version which is less than $50. But if you created the document and you want to make changes just open it in the original program make the changes and reprint it as a PDF.

You may also want to try some of the open source projects at for creating PDF files on the web, plus a bunch of other cool PDF stunts.



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