Casio DH-100 Digital Horn

Squeal - Squeak - Squawk

What ever you call it... it is annoying. Almost everyone of these units eventually develops this problem. It is caused by a bad capacitor. I found my first DH-100 of these about 3 years ago and it had the offensive noise. So I searched the web for a fix and lucky for me someone named Dorian had a page that described how to fix the problem. I found another sax recently and tried to find Dorian's page but it was no longer available. So I am recreating it here for everyone to see.

I will have pictures someday....

Step 1 - Open your saxophone.

Step 2 - Remove the top circuit board and turn it over. The capacitor that causes the problem is C39. It usually looks like it has leaked and is a bit crusty.

Step 3 - Remove the bad capacitor, you can either unsolder it or just cut the leads, or if you are careful you can just rock it back and forth until it breaks off.

Step 4 - Get a capacitor (less than a dollar at Radio Shack) I use a 47uF tantalum bead.

Step 5 - Solder the new capacitor into the two small holes next to where you just removed the bad capacitor from.

Step 6 - Put it back together and blow until your heart is content.

I will have pictures soon....

If you don't feel comfortable doing this modification yourself. Please contact me and I can do it for you for $35. email me at

This fix will also work on other Casio digital horn models DH-200 and DH-500.

If you don't have a Casio Digital Horn you can get one here ---




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